Indium Appliation
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Indium is a silver-gray, extremely soft, fusible metal. The melting temperature of 156.61 ℃. The boiling point of 2060 ℃. The density of 7.30 g/cm3. Liquid indium soaks glass and leaves dark marks on surfaces it touches.

Uses: Indium is mainly used to produce ITO targets (used to produce LIQUID crystal displays and flat screens) due to its strong light permeability and electrical conductivity. This use is the main consumption area of indium ingot, accounting for 70% of the global consumption of indium.

It is followed by electronics and semiconductors, which account for 12% of global consumption; Solders and alloys accounted for 12%; Research accounted for 6%. In addition, because of its soft properties in some industries to fill the metal is also used for pressing. For example: vacuum gap filling materials at higher temperatures.

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