Germanium (Zone-refined Germanium Ingot)
We focus on the minor metals 99.99%min, 99.995%min and 99.999%min, like Indium Ingot, Bismuth Ingot, Gallium metal, and Germanium etc.
We could also supply their products in powder, wire, cube, chip, sheet, lump, ingot, coil and target in competitive price.


Ge≥99.999%. Resistivity ≥ 50 Ω•cm (20±0.5 ℃). Metallic Germanium is hard and brittle and has a silvery ash luster in trapezium-like bars. Density is 5.325 g/cm3; Melting point at 937.4℃ and boiling point at 2800℃.



Every ingot is vacuum sealed in a PVC layer bag, placed in a polystyrene box and then packed in a wooden case of about 25 kgs net each.



Widely used in semiconductors and detectors, infrared optical industry and in growing Germanium Monocrystalline, producing Germanium alloy and other Germanium products.


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